Things We Can’t Clean

Some things we won’t be able to help with

Safety First!

To help keep our teams safe we have a few requests.


Keep pets safe



Home cleaner working out side

在户外工作会让靠谱的买球网站的团队容易脱水和受到其他影响. Please, keep our staff indoors. 这包括车库和天井等清洁区域,即使是很小的区域. 


Home cleaner staying on the ground

We keep our teams on the ground at all times. This means no climbing ladders of any kind. We’ll use extending poles to clean hard to reach places.

Heavy Objects

home cleaners lifting heavy objects

Our staff isn’t able to lift more than 30lbs. For their safety, 如果您需要清洁电器或家具的后面,请提供住宿,以便将这些移动.

Biological Waste

home cleaner cleaning biological waste

靠谱的买球网站没有清洁任何化学或生物垃圾的装备. 如果你有任何这些挑战,请告诉靠谱的买球网站,靠谱的买球网站会很高兴把你介绍给可以帮助解决这些问题的人.

Things We Can’t Clean

There aren’t many things Tidy Casa can’t clean. 下面列出了一些常见的靠谱的买球网站无法帮助的问题. 可能还有一些靠谱的买球网站不能做的事情不在这个清单上. If you have any questions, give us a call. 🙂


如果你需要以下方面的帮助,请告诉靠谱的买球网站. 在大多数情况下,靠谱的买球网站会有一个很好的专家可以帮助你. 🙂

  • Unloading the Dishwasher: We’re always happy to clean dishes and load the dishwasher. However, we’re not able to unload and put away dishes. 当靠谱的买球网站把碗碟从洗碗机里拿出来的时候,靠谱的买球网站更有可能打碎碗碟(这一点也不好玩). 更重要的是,靠谱的买球网站永远不知道所有的盘子去了哪里. 没有什么比四处寻找珍贵的咖啡杯更难闻的了, only to find it in the wrong cupboard two weeks later. 


  • Cleaning Dishwashers and Washing Machines: 久而久之,洗碗机会产生异味,需要轻轻清洗. This isn’t a service we offer. 清洗洗衣机或洗碗机可能需要4个小时,大部分时间都是在等待机器循环. This makes the process non-economical. 如果洗衣机需要清洗,只需加入一杯白醋,在热水中循环即可. 完成后,再运行一遍,以去除任何剩余的醋. This should remove any smell. Then, wipe away any leftover particles.


  • Light bulbs & lighting fixtures: We won’t wipe down or wet wipe light bulbs. These are too fragile and tend to break often.


  • Garages & patios: With Arizona heat, we need to keep our teams indoors. 在阿斯利康,不经过特殊考虑就打扫室外太危险了. 最重要的是,靠谱的买球网站没有携带必要的压力清洗机来正确清洁庭院和车库. Because of this, we can’t clean garages or patios. 如果这是需要的,靠谱的买球网站总是很高兴推荐靠谱的买球网站的朋友谁可以帮助. 


  • Outdoor or hard-to-reach windows: 室外窗户可需要梯子和特殊设备进行适当清洁. 靠谱的买球网站的团队只负责清洁内部窗户,这些窗户可以用延伸的电线杆接触到. 对于超过8英尺高的窗户,即使是里面的窗户,靠谱的买球网站也可能无法清洗.


  • High-up Places: Safety is incredibly important to us. 正因为如此,靠谱的买球网站要求靠谱的买球网站的团队在任何时候都要脚踏实地. 这意味着不要爬任何梯子,包括小阶梯凳. 靠谱的买球网站将使用延伸的杆子来清洁难以触及的地方,但他们无法触及任何东西,这取决于它有多高. If the cleaning requires cleaning window panes, walls, or cobwebs higher than 5 feet, 或者高于7英尺的吊扇靠谱的买球网站需要另一项服务. If there are any questions about what we can reach please, give us a call and we’ll happily get it figured out. Thanks for keeping our teams safe! 🙂


  • Construction Cleanings: 施工清洁需要特殊的准备工作和对施工混乱进行报价的独特能力. 靠谱的买球网站不是建筑清洁公司,不能帮助这些工作. 如果你最近重新装修或建造了一个新房子,需要建筑清洁帮助, we’ll need to refer you to another service. If you booked a deep cleaning thinking “it’s just a little dust并没有透露该房产最近有建设. We’ll have to leave and refer you to another service.


  • Removing paint and other construction messes: 靠谱的买球网站没有保险,也没有接受过帮助清除干漆的培训, plaster, or other forms of construction mess from windows, floors, countertops, or other surfaces. Even if it can be “take it off with a finger,“这样做是非常耗时和危险的,可能会对表面造成损害。. Because of this, 靠谱的买球网站必须将这种性质的工作推荐给施工后的清洁专家,他们有更好的装备来帮助处理这些特定的情况. 


  • Odor removal and remediation: Removing strong odors from animal waste, smoke, mold, 或者其他需要补救的事情都不是Tidy Casa能帮上忙的. 不过,靠谱的买球网站有值得信赖的专家,可以向你方推荐. Let us know if this is something you need to be done. 🙂


  • Detailed carpet and floor cleaning: Detailed carpet and floor cleaning beyond sweeping, mopping and vacuuming isn’t something our staff can do. If steam cleaning or floor waxing, buffing, 或者需要抛光,靠谱的买球网站有专家可以推荐给你. Let us know if this is something you’re looking for.


  • Bed Bug and Other Insects: Issues related to insects, especially bed bugs. 家里需要有专业的床虱清除服务和专业的地毯清洁. 一旦完成这项工作,靠谱的买球网站就可以再次开始清洁服务了. If we discover there is an insect problem or bed bugs. 靠谱的买球网站必须停止这项服务,然后把你转到除虫服务.


  • Pet Hair on Upholstery and Furniture: 说到动物,有一个满是宠物毛发的沙发是一个常见的问题. As much as we’d love to help with this. 它确实需要特殊的设备,训练,而且大部分时间. While we do have an extra for the removal of pet hair. 需要注意的是,这并不适用于从室内装潢或家具上去除宠物毛发. 这些额外的时间可以让靠谱的买球网站用吸尘器和拖把清理地板上的宠物毛发. Nothing more. 它不适用于除地板以外的任何地方的宠物毛发.

Other Things To Note

  • Homes Larger Than 2,500 SQFT: We stick to flat-rate pricing as much as possible. This works 99% of the time. 然而,根据卧室和浴室的数量,靠谱的买球网站无法打扫一些更大的房子. 超过2,500平方英尺的房屋需由SQFT预订. 这有助于靠谱的买球网站更准确地估计所需的工作量. 同时,帮助确保一个伟大的,不匆忙的,彻底的清洁. 如果靠谱的买球网站找到一个超过2500平方英尺的房子,靠谱的买球网站会要求更改. 靠谱的买球网站总是在改变清洁价格之前联系他们.

请确保靠谱的买球网站团队的安全并遵守这些规则. 如果您的清洁需要以上任何一项,请让靠谱的买球网站知道,以便靠谱的买球网站可以与您合作解决方案.  🙂

We can’t wait to help you tidy up!